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Policies – List 1

Arrange for storage to safely retain all records involving exchange of material goods of any level of frangibility for 7 years. Corollary: Retain the aforementioned records for 7 years. (1)

Source and verify all facts before letting them pass beyond you. (1)

Neither engage in nor accept defamation of character in any form; should it appear, address and eliminate it immediately. (1)

Make trade agreements with any country truly fair to the U.S. (2)

Terminate the visa waiver program. (3)

Simplify the tax code down to a few pages at most, eliminating all deductions. (4)

In place of loans, guarantees, tax deductions, etc, as instruments of support for one risky investment or another, provide a system of defined outcomes and bonuses for those who reach them. Let those who attain nationally significant goals be rewarded for doing so. (4)

Secure our borders. Pick any stretch, of whatever length, and secure and control that. Then add a reasonable length at either end and extend the control to the new sections. Continue this until the borders are controlled.

Enforce current immigration law, particularly removal of those who have overstayed visas.

Take whatever steps are necessary to eliminate sanctuary cities and punish those responsible for them to the maximum extent allowed by law.

Disallow use of illegal alien population counts in the census in calculation of representation allotted to states in the House of Representatives.

Interview all upper and middle level military officers who left service during the Obama administration to determine if they left or were dismissed for disagreeing with a minimalist policy in the handling of Islamic jihad. If that is the case, pursue reinstatement, towards the end of staffing up with those who can conceive of pursuing the destruction of the Islamic State.


1.Ronald Freeman

2. Dan Fornet

3. Michael Cutler, writing at

4. My notes

A Few Starting Instructions to Staff

Find the lighting technicians and have them light the White House in Red, White and Blue. Duration to be decided later.

Find the web designers and instruct them to put an American flag graphic on the home page of every government and military site immediately. (310 x 135 pixels would be fine, bigger if you can fit it in tastefully.)

Assume the worst will occur and have a mitigation plan for it. (1)

Do not set up or use a private email server.

Please remember that the White House is “the people’s house”, not my house, or our house, or your house.

Cheers and jeers are par for the territory, develop thick skin and a gracious smile; use them appropriately and generously. (1)

Call the folks at State and find out how we restore the clauses that were removed from the Citizenship Oath under Mr. Obama.

1. thx Ronald Freeman