Action Items – Week 1

Restore bust of Winston Churchill to Oval Office.

Get list of dismissed or retired military officers since 2004. Identify position on “minimal effort” approach to The Islamic State.

Compile list of infractions of federal law by department heads since 2000.

Compile list of Executive Orders since 2000.

Compile list of sanctuary cities and officials who do not comply with federal law re immigration.

Compile list of heads of state to visit re strategy for countering Islamic Jihad.

Put employers on notice that enforcement of restrictions on hiring illegal aliens will be reinstated.

Clarify support for law enforcement officers: Presumption of innocence is the rule. There will be zero tolerance for criminality by law enforcement officers.

Instruct web masters for government and military sites to make the American flag prominent in a tasteful manner on all websites.

Begin exploration of how to dial back all immigration, pending figuring out how to handle at least some elements of it properly.

Set up investigation to determine whether there is a legal way to prohibit organizations receiving state or federal funds from contributing any funds to political candidates, campaigns or organizations.

Start seeking Senate and House support for The New Legislation Control Act.

Start investigation of “Alternative Loans” put in place by Mr. Obama Jan 2016, with eye to winding that program down.

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