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Which States Allow Write-In Presidential Candidates?

Alabama     AL
Alaska     AK
American Samoa     AS
Arizona     AZ
Arkansas     AR
California     CA
Colorado     CO
Connecticut     CT
Delaware     DE
District of Columbia    DC
Florida     FL
Georgia     GA
Hawaii     HI
Idaho     ID
Illinois     IL
Indiana     IN
Iowa     IA
Kansas     KS
Kentucky     KY
Louisiana     LA
Maine     ME
Maryland     MD
Massachusetts     MA
Michigan     MI
Micronesia     FM
Minnesota     MN
Mississippi     MS
Missouri     MO
Montana     MT
Nebraska     NE
Nevada     NV
New Hampshire     NH
New Jersey     NJ
New Mexico     NM
New York     NY
North Carolina     NC
North Dakota     ND
Ohio     OH
Oklahoma     OK
Oregon     OR
Pennsylvania     PA
Rhode Island     RI
South Carolina     SC
South Dakota     SD
Tennessee     TN
Texas     TX
Utah     UT
Vermont     VT
Virginia     VA
Washington     WA
West Virginia     WV
Wisconsin     WI
Wyoming     WY

Action Items

  • Insure that missile shield is back in Europe (Poland?, Czech Republic?). “Speaking to reporters at the White House, Obama was careful to portray his decision as a revamping, not an abandonment, of European missile defense. He said he would replace the long-range system Bush envisioned — which had a spotty testing record — with a more reliable defense system aimed at countering what Obama called a more imminent threat from Iran’s short-range missiles, which can travel up to 5,000 miles and potentially strike continental Europe.” Obama scraps Bush millile-defense plan
  • Coordinate with other nations: Securing Nuclear Material
  • Open the discussion on a long-term solution for abortion legislation to establish three phases: Discretionary, Under Medical Advisement, Under Medical Order.
  • Dial back all “too big to fail” supports.
  • Host presentations on Anthropogenic Global Warming, to make presentations of proponents and opponents available without sensationalism.