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“My country, right or wrong”…uhhh…No

As things ramp up, as they will continue to do, I will ask everyone to put aside the abbreviated quote shown above, as it was unfortunately delivered in the 60s, and remember Carl Schurz’s actual entire quote, which would be this:

My country, right or wrong;
if right, to be kept right;
and if wrong, to be set right.

The former shuts down discussion and encourages mindlessness. The latter establishes commitment and opens the door to discussion. How shall we determine which things are right and which things are wrong without full discussion? If we intend to be a nation, rather than just a country, then that discussion must be full-throated, vigorous, repsectful and ongoing. No cheap slogan will accomplish that.

So – Shall we be a nation?

“Moderated” Debates? No! No More Moderators! None!

Put two chairs on the stage, at a table where they can have their notes and files, and let each one bring 3 staff to back them up on the fly. Let’s see a discussion, between the principals, and tell all of these moderators to take a flying leap.

NO MORE MODERATORS! If they’re not putting their thumb on the scale, they’re asking pointless questions, or asking the same question different ways in hopes of getting the answer they really wanted, or whatever. They add nothing of value. They often add distortion. Get rid of them.

Let the principals sit and have a meeting between themselves, and with a little bit of backup staff at hand, and just talk. Let’s see who can participate in a meeting and discussion like a grownup.

Zero-Expenditure Candidacies (If Only)

Trump, like Sanders and Carson and Fiorina, draws people who are truly sick and tired of business as usual, which certainly includes me. I wish we could make political parties obsolete by reaching out electronically and directly to voters with very close to zero expenditure and no need to depend on big donors. That would give us no reason to accommodate same.

I can’t honestly claim to be optimistic about that, but it is the only way I am interested in proceeding.