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Is There Nothing In Government We Can Dispense With, Ever?

Here’s part of the problem with the Liberal (political) view: Some cannot grasp the concept of getting rid of overreach and unnecessary bureaucrats while keeping essential services. The problem seems to be that they can’t distinguish between things that matter and things that don’t, or actually shouldn’t be done, so we just have to keep everything that anyone every thought of forever. That would explain a lot in our staggering and every-increasing debt.

Business? Hooray! Big Business? Big hooray!

Business, even big business, is a key element of a healthy economy, and we should be as business friendly as it is humanly possible to be, short of allowing cronyism, special privilege, influence based on money given to folks in government. We need government to make sure there are some reasonable rules and that they are followed by everyone, and beyond that we need to let entrepreneurs run their businesses and not punish them for success.

Here’s a very narrow example: Let’s not do government supplied or guaranteed loans on the front end, lending to folks who might be able to do a thing, such as Solyndra, who got the money and went out of business, profitably it seemed to me, if you were a principal. Let’s establish a goal and a prize: If you achieve XYZ, then you get K dollars. That way, they put their own money at risk, and probably only if there’s a reasonable chance of getting it done. And, if they do, bonanza! I can imagine that there are things it would be important enough for us to encourage business, but let’s do so by rewarding success, not doling out money for trying based on influence.

We’re supposed to be the revolutionaries. Let’s be revolutionary!


The tax code should be more or less scrapped and rewritten from scratch. The sheer volume of the thing leads to a complexity that could be taken as evidence of a complete lack of interest on the part of lawmakers in creating comprehensible law. A lack of interest in creating comprehensible law can only lead to mischief at best and, at worst, leads to laws that simply cannot be obeyed even by citizens of above average intelligence and with the best intentions. Some critics now claim that the current tax code has exactly this nature.

How should the tax be? As flat as possible, with preferential treatment for the raising of children. If entertainment is an expense of doing the business of commerce, then why aren’t good food, good clothes and good education considered legitimate expenses of doing the business of raising a family?

Now, just about the worst turn we could take would be to reframe the discussion of raising children in the language of business. One problem with our society is the tendency to idolize business and try to view everything as some sort of business. There are specialized philosophical discussions in which doing this makes perfect sense, but it is unnecessary and even destructive to carry this practice over into the everyday discussions we should be having about raising our children.

There are certainly times when it makes sense to provide government funding for some development activities, such as when a developing technology seems essential to the nation’s competitiveness or security, but this shouldn’t be handled through the tax system, where provisions are buried so deep that no ordinary citizen could possibly decode what’s going on.   A better system is to insist that everyone and every business pay some reasonable rate of tax. Then, let those who think that they deserve help apply for a loan or a grant, just as any ordinary citizen would have to do. That way, the help is in the public record, clear as a bell, and the votes that approve the help are on record and easy to review.

Fat chance.

The “Third Senator” Amendment

The Senate of the United States shall be composed of three Senators from each state. All Senators shall serve the same term and meet the same requirements for holding the office of Senator. Each Senator shall have one vote.

One Senator from each state shall be selected by a lottery from among the inhabitants of the state who meet all the qualifications for holding the office of Senator.
The first selection of Senators by lottery shall be conducted on the same day for all States. At the first assembly of the Senate following the first selection of Senators pursuant to this Amendment, these Senators shall be divided as equally as possible into three groups and assigned to the existing classes of Senators for purposes of term expiration.

Action Items – Week 1

Restore bust of Winston Churchill to Oval Office.

Get list of dismissed or retired military officers since 2004. Identify position on “minimal effort” approach to The Islamic State.

Compile list of infractions of federal law by department heads since 2000.

Compile list of Executive Orders since 2000.

Compile list of sanctuary cities and officials who do not comply with federal law re immigration.

Compile list of heads of state to visit re strategy for countering Islamic Jihad.

Put employers on notice that enforcement of restrictions on hiring illegal aliens will be reinstated.

Clarify support for law enforcement officers: Presumption of innocence is the rule. There will be zero tolerance for criminality by law enforcement officers.

Instruct web masters for government and military sites to make the American flag prominent in a tasteful manner on all websites.

Begin exploration of how to dial back all immigration, pending figuring out how to handle at least some elements of it properly.

Set up investigation to determine whether there is a legal way to prohibit organizations receiving state or federal funds from contributing any funds to political candidates, campaigns or organizations.

Start seeking Senate and House support for The New Legislation Control Act.

Start investigation of “Alternative Loans” put in place by Mr. Obama Jan 2016, with eye to winding that program down.

Policies – List 1

Arrange for storage to safely retain all records involving exchange of material goods of any level of frangibility for 7 years. Corollary: Retain the aforementioned records for 7 years. (1)

Source and verify all facts before letting them pass beyond you. (1)

Neither engage in nor accept defamation of character in any form; should it appear, address and eliminate it immediately. (1)

Make trade agreements with any country truly fair to the U.S. (2)

Terminate the visa waiver program. (3)

Simplify the tax code down to a few pages at most, eliminating all deductions. (4)

In place of loans, guarantees, tax deductions, etc, as instruments of support for one risky investment or another, provide a system of defined outcomes and bonuses for those who reach them. Let those who attain nationally significant goals be rewarded for doing so. (4)

Secure our borders. Pick any stretch, of whatever length, and secure and control that. Then add a reasonable length at either end and extend the control to the new sections. Continue this until the borders are controlled.

Enforce current immigration law, particularly removal of those who have overstayed visas.

Take whatever steps are necessary to eliminate sanctuary cities and punish those responsible for them to the maximum extent allowed by law.

Disallow use of illegal alien population counts in the census in calculation of representation allotted to states in the House of Representatives.

Interview all upper and middle level military officers who left service during the Obama administration to determine if they left or were dismissed for disagreeing with a minimalist policy in the handling of Islamic jihad. If that is the case, pursue reinstatement, towards the end of staffing up with those who can conceive of pursuing the destruction of the Islamic State.


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